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Noordoewer, Namibia

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Bundi Orange River Base Camp

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Located in the heart of southern Namibia, the Bundi Base Camp offers spectacular views and a safe haven for travelers after a long day on the road. With so much to explore, you will definitely love it here. Become a part of our community, share stories and laughter, all while forming new lifelong connections. Sit on our deck with the most amazing view of the Orange River while having a drink and watching the ducks swim, dive and play. After experiencing this serenity, you will definitely want to stay a little longer. Our accommodation on the Orange River is without a doubt an incredible, memorable experience for the whole family.

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With so many wonderful options for accommodation on the Orange River, the choice can be quite overwhelming. Our camp stands out, not only for its convenience but also for the unparalleled comfort it provides. With our guests as our top priority, we are committed to curating moments that linger in memory long after departure. As a vibrant and inclusive community, we extend a warm embrace to all who cross our threshold. Our ethos revolves around crafting immersive experiences rather than mere accommodations, with a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence consistently. Whether it’s a tranquil riverside retreat or an adventure-packed getaway, we endeavor to ensure that every stay with us is nothing short of extraordinary.



Environmentally Conscious

We are big on a clean environment and the natural beauty of the Orange River. It is our mission to keep the Orange River clean and enjoyable for many generations to come. We urge our guests not to pollute this breathtaking piece of land – or the rest of the world for that matter! There are many bins scattered around our camp in order to dispose of waste properly and responsibly. Water is a precious resource and we urge all our visitors to be mindful when using water. We only have one planet – we have to take good care of her!
Our camp is conveniently located just a couple minutes’ drive from the Noordoewer border.  It overlooks the majestic Orange River. Watch it serenely flow by and get to know the active and abundant wildlife, thriving in their glorious ecosystem.
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Camp Layout

1. Camp site 1 - East view (P1)

2. Eating & Deck - South East view

3. Deck - South View

4. Camp site 2 - East view (P2)

5. Bathrooms

6. Lapa

7. Camp site 3 - North view (LEFT)(P3)

8. Camp site 4 - North view (RIGHT)

9. Camp site 4 - West view (P4)

10. Camp site 4 - Bush Kitchen

11. Camp site 5 - North East View (P5)

12. Camp site 3 - South view