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Noordoewer, Namibia

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Bundi Orange River Base Camp


Tucked snugly by the winding river’s edge, our campsites are an oasis where nature takes center stage. Big, grassy lawns provide the perfect spot to unwind for the night. Picture waking up to the soft glow of sunrise dappling the water, while birds chirp a cheerful morning tune overhead. Massive trees provide cool shade from the midday sun, their leaves whispering secrets in the breeze. The gentle river hums a soothing melody, lulling you into relaxation as you kick back in a cozy tent nestled under the trees. Come evening, the sky sets on fire with vibrant colors, setting the stage for a night under the stars.

Here, every moment feels like a breath of fresh air, inviting you to kick off your shoes and just soak it all in. Camping on the Orange River has never been this amazing!


Our campsites have clean communal toilets and showers. Our outdoor bush kitchen overlooking the river is also communal. The kitchen includes basic cooking facilities, a washing up area and a braai that you can use. Our resort has Vodacom and MTN cell service. 

Our deck overlooking the river holds the most spectacular panoramic views. See the sun dance over the gentle waves and illuminate the faraway mountains. Have a refreshing drink from our bar while the kids carelessly run around on the beautiful, green lawns.
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Camp Layout

1. Camp site 1 - East view (P1)

2. Eating & Deck - South East view

3. Deck - South View

4. Camp site 2 - East view (P2)

5. Bathrooms

6. Lapa

7. Camp site 3 - North view (LEFT)(P3)

8. Camp site 4 - North view (RIGHT)

9. Camp site 4 - West view (P4)

10. Camp site 4 - Bush Kitchen

11. Camp site 5 - North East View (P5)

12. Camp site 3 - South view